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1. HEIGHT OF POVERTY: Wife stitching husband’s condom.
2. HEIGHT OF INNOCENCE: A girl applying medicine to her nipples thinking they are pimples.
3. HEIGHT OF AMBITION: An ant climbing on the leg of an elephant with motive of rape.
4. HEIGHT OF UNEMPLOYMENT:A spider web found in a prostitute’s privates.
5. HEIGHT OF LAZINESS: Naked man sleeping on top of a naked woman expecting an earthquake to do the rest.
6. HEIGHT OF PATIENCE: A guy standing in a queue to have sex with his own wife. :)


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“Spread love,not Hate.

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quotesandfuy:best life quotes on change – do not run from the ground

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theinspirationalchristian:Proverbs 4 Verse 5 Inspirational Christian QuotesInspirational Christian Quotes - If you need some inspiration these King James Bible verses will be encouragingProverbs 4:5 “Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.”Proverbs 4 Verse 5

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fight me fight me, fight 

me fight me fight me fight me 

fight me fight me fight


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“It’s tiring isnt it? Pleasing other people when in fact the only person that can do things for your future is yourself. Stop wasting your valuable time with people who do less for you affect your whole being.
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